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Great Grandma Was Right – Posture Matters! | Michelle Joyce | TEDxDavenport

100 years ago America was a pioneer in reversing the effects of chronic sitting. Kids received lessons about ergonomics, body mechanics and healthy posture from grade school up through the college level. This large-scale public health campaign was designed to prevent the kinds of problems that have reached epidemic levels today. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to helping our kids beat the screentime slump, we just need to dust off a few forgotten lessons from our past. Michelle Joyce is on a mission to eliminate unhealthy posture! She’s frequently featured on TV shows and teaches posture workshops worldwide. Originally trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, she believes that helping people change their posture involves much more than simply telling them to sit up straight.

In this talk posture expert, Michelle Joyce shares the secret to avoiding office injuries and effortlessly achieving great posture Michelle Joyce is on a mission to eliminate unhealthy posture! She is the author of the book Posture Makeover, creator of the popular app The 30 Day Posture Makeover, and her online posture lessons have millions of views on YouTube. She first became interested in changing her posture when terrible back pain started interfering with her career as a professional dancer. After trying every imaginable remedy, and spending a small fortune, she finally discovered the power of posture to solve the problem. A happy side effect was that she also felt more confident, coordinated and attractive. She has devoted herself to spreading the word ever since.