Posture Makeover Workshops:

This energizing and motivational workshop will inspire you to change your life! We discuss the true secret to sustainable, healthy posture and give you the tools to achieve it. We use a combination of techniques: stretches and exercises, relaxation techniques, slide shows, hands-on correction, and motivation.

Parents Workshop:

A growing body of evidence shows that poor posture in childhood can lead to a lifetime of chronic pain, fatigue, and low self-esteem. This workshop gives parents practical tools to guide children toward good posture, a habit that will put your child on the path to a pain-free and self-confident life. Even though the posture of children is emphasized, many participants have found that their own posture has improved as a result!

Kids Workshop:

Michelle’s training as a Marriage and Family Therapist has lead her to create an fun and effective posture makeover class for kids. They will learn about their bodies while moving and playing the whole time!


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