Ergonomic Trainings & Assessments

Woman-Adjusting-Chair._V393907590_The Power of Posture was started in the heart of Silicon Valley, where most people work in front of the computer. Prolonged work at an unergonomic workstation can lead to aches and pains, which can ultimately result in low morale, decreased productivity, sick leave, and employee turnover.

Understanding proper posture and knowing how to adjust your workstation to fit your specific body type will make a world of difference in the way you feel at the end of the day.

  • Workstation assessments – We provide one-on-one, on-site assessments for your employees. We observe the employee at their work station and interview them about symptoms and warning signs of injury. Then we help to modify the workstation to the individual (e.g. chair adjusted to fit, keyboard and/or mouse position altered, etc.).¬† Often simple and inexpensive tweaks¬† can considerably improve productivity and morale. We will help your staff to reduce back pain, prevent repetitive strain injuries, and maintain more energy throughout the day.
  • Prevention seminars for employees and/or supervisors – We offer several versions of this seminar, from basic to in-depth, depending on your needs. We can help your managers to develop ergonomic safety programs, or train your whole staff in ergonomic principles that are designed to improve productivity and morale. We will discuss the proper fit for chairs and desks, explore ways to alter workstations to be more suited to the specific employee, provide suggestions for the future purchasing of office supplies and furniture, and cover principles of good posture and exercises. A simple sequence of stretches that can be done from the office chair will be taught, and antidotes to midday fatigue will be discussed. This seminar utilizes slides and visual demonstrations, hands-on learning, lecture, and group discussion. Many participants have reported that our seminars have helped them with their overall posture, and has also improved their lives outside of work.

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