Posture Training Program for Kids


About us:

Our trainings are run by Michelle Joyce, an ergonomic specialist and a trained Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also the author of Posture Posey and the Slumpyback Goblins, a children’s book that addresses the posture of preschoolers. She has combined her unique knowledge of child psychology, ergonomics and exercise physiology to create a fun and energizing curriculum that keep young people motivated and entertained.


Presentation for ages 3-7:

As toddlers, most kids have perfect posture, but around preschool-age most children begin to slump. In a culture of screen time, commuting, and desk jobs, the posture of the average American continues to get worse. A little intervention at this age can go a long way! By simply calling attention to the problem, children can make remarkable changes that will positively impact their long term health.

Our unique curriculum incorporates elements of our children’s book into games and dances that are designed to make children aware of the way they are holding themselves. We don’t believe in nagging, rather, we join forces with the kids to help fight off the Slumpyback Goblins.


  • Learn how to sit comfortably in a way that is good for the body
  • Learn practical techniques for good posture during screen time
  • Recognize that slumping will give you an achy back and make you feel tired
  • Want to look strong and healthy through good posture


Presentation for ages 8-12:


  • Understand the health issues associated with poor posture
  • Learn how to stand, sit, bend, and walk in a way that is comfortable and  good for the body
  • Learn impact of posture and nonverbal signals in social situations, job interviews, and future success
  • Practice stretches to open slumped shoulders
  • Develop an awareness of their bodies and improve posture during daily activities


Presentation for ages 13-18:


  • Develop an understanding of anatomy and physiology relating to posture
  • Gain an understanding of the impact of  lifelong good/bad posture
  • Create a specialized stretch and exercise routine for each student structured around their individual posture habits
  • Give individual feedback to each student
  • Practical solutions for daily living (texting, driving, etc)
  • Learn impact of posture and nonverbal signals in social situations, job interviews, and future success
  • Develop an understanding of patterns of chronic pain and how to identify their onset


Schedule a presentation:

We give complimentary presentations and educational materials to schools in Eugene, Oregon.  Contact us to be added to our schedule!