Posture Therapy


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Experience the freedom, confidence and relief that comes with great alignment! We offer an innovative posture therapy program that incorporates a unique combination of posture massage, ergonomic analysis, and fitness training.


12819227_468352860023990_5697639285656437201_oWhat happens in a session?

We will put you on the massage table for some assisted stretching and relaxation, evaluate your posture, take body measurements, analyze your movement patterns, and make personalized ergonomic recommendations.

We specialize in Reposturing, a system of assisted stretches and massage techniques designed to provide deep relief from muscle tightness and posture imbalances. Tightness can lead to chronic pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, and fatigue. Once your body is stretched out and the muscles return to their natural length, you will notice a giant difference in the way you feel!


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What to wear

All bodywork and workouts are done in loose, comfortable clothing.



First session only $60! (for a limited time only)
1 hour 15 minutes – $80
package of 5 – $360 ($40 savings)



Michelle is new to the Eugene area, and does not yet have a consistent office location. However, she is currently available for home visits.



Michelle demonstrating a core strengthening technique

About Michelle

Michelle Joyce, M.S., is a certified Posturist and Ergonomist, with a rich background in helping people to achieve good health. She was a professional dancer for 15 years, but her terrible back pain began to interfere with her career. After trying every imaginable remedy, she finally discovered Posture Therapy and has since devoted herself to spreading the word about the health benefits of good posture. She is particularly passionate about arming children with healthy posture habits, and uses her Master’s in Counseling to make learning about posture fun and effective. She is also the author of the children’s book Posture Posey and the Slumpyback Goblins. She currently runs a private practice in Eugene, Oregon, dedicated to giving posture makeovers to people of all ages. She also uses her experience as a Personal Trainer to create posture-friendly stretch and exercise programs for her clients.