Posture Smart Schools


Why teach students about good posture?

  • Bad posture leads to chronic back pain (it is difficult to learn when you’re in pain!)
  • Healthy posture promotes confidence and physical comfort
  • Collapsed posture restricts the lungs, reducing oxygen intake and resulting in tiredness and trouble paying attention
  • Confident posture and body language helps with professional success (which is why it is taught at the most prestigious business schools in the world)
  • Knowing about ergonomics and healthy posture will help protect students from the harmful effects of chronic sitting
  • Children with bad posture complain about headache and back pain more frequently. We’d like to help your students break their unhealthy posture habits before they start experiencing physical problems. 75% of children in the age range of 8 to 12 years  report that they are already experiencing back pain (US Consumer Product Safety Commission).

How we can help your school

  • Teach students, parents and teachers to identify common posture problems
  • Suggest age appropriate posture correction strategies
  • Provide an ergonomic assessment of classroom furniture
  • Recommend exercises for incorporating posture education into the PE curriculum
  • Suggest motivational methods for making your classroom a posture-positive environment (without nagging)
  • Teach simple life hacks to make technology more posture friendly
  • Show you quick posture correcting stretches and exercises that can be done right from your desk (see sample exercises in our YouTube video)

About us

Our team is lead by Michelle Joyce, a pioneer in the field of posture correction. Her TEDx Talk (seen below) is about a forgotten chapter of American history when posture was a mandatory subject in every school up through the college level. She’s traveled the world promoting her book, teaching workshops and appearing as a featured guest on TV talk shows. Her training as a Marriage and Family Therapist gives her a unique perspective when it comes to motivational techniques to permanently change unhealthy posture habits.



Great Grandma Was Right – Posture Matters! | Michelle Joyce | TEDx
100 years ago America was a pioneer in reversing the effects of chronic sitting. Kids received lessons about ergonomics, body mechanics and healthy posture from grade school up through the college level. This large-scale public health campaign was designed to prevent the kinds of problems that have reached epidemic levels today. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to helping our kids beat the screentime slump, we just need to dust off a few forgotten lessons from our past. Michelle Joyce is on a mission to eliminate unhealthy posture! She’s frequently featured on TV shows and teaches posture workshops worldwide. Originally trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, she believes that helping people change their posture involves much more than simply telling them to sit up straight.


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