Posture Topics for TV Shows

Posture Makeover

It seems like we spend all day hunching over screens, and it’s hurting our bodies! Just a few simple tweaks can make a world of difference. With a posture makeover you’ll look better, feel more confident and you’ll be healthier too.

Home & Family (Hallmark Channel) https://youtu.be/yEd5Ebjq670
KTLA https://youtu.be/nWnaZNuL0DU

Screen Smarts

Science shows that screen time has leads to chronic back pain. But it doesn’t have to! Ergonomic tweaks can make a big difference. Don’t let your smartphone become a literal pain in the neck! I’ll show you a few easy tricks that’ll make your screen time pain-free.

Afternoon Live https://youtu.be/ZGAro7CUCvs
CNN https://youtu.be/7pHrBhdTd4k

Posture Workout

We spend so much time rounding toward screens, that it’s ruining our posture and giving us aches and pains. But stretches that open your chest and strengthen your back can reverse the damage! Slip on your work out gear and join us for a simple and effective posture-improving workout.

Michelle’s YouTube posture workout (2.2 million views) https://youtu.be/0OkB0xO_9kU

The secret to being more confident in any situation

Your body language speaks louder than words! When you look comfortable in your own skin the world is your oyster. From job interviews to first dates, confident posture helps you create a great impression. Learn how to project a calm, cool and collected persona by simply assuming these relaxed, expansive positions.

Posture Moms

Most parents are concerned about screentime, but don’t realize that simply limiting it isn’t enough. The way our kids sit in front of screens can make a big difference in the way they look and feel. Learn no-nagging strategies to get your kids thinking about healthy posture that will set them up for a lifetime of good habits.

Michelle’s TEDx Talk https://youtu.be/TRQtJpDZdPE