Therapeutic Posture Stretch Workshop (Eugene, OR)

Free your body!Assisted-stretching

Sunday, March 12, 2017
1840 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401
(Celebration Belly Dance and Yoga)

questions? 510-384-2773

Reserve your spot now! Space is limited.
$35 in advance, $45 at the door (space permitting)


The stress of everyday life can create unhealthy patterns of tension and tightness in the entire body. Tight muscles contribute to bad posture, which causes restricted movement and chronic muscle pain.

Sometimes we need a little help to straighten back up! In this workshop you will discover where your body is “stuck” and receive hands-on instruction that are specific to your body’s needs. Unlock your neck, shoulders, back, feet… whatever nags you.

Though we will be doing stretches and exercises, it is completely unlike any yoga or fitness class. Exercising and stretching with unhealthy posture will only strengthen your bad habits, and will not help in the long run. Our goal is to help you make permanent change!

In addition to the stretches, we will also be discussing simple techniques that you can use to improve your posture in your daily routine. From texting to walking, we will show you simple ergonomic tips that will save your posture.

Ann Moore, LMT


Ann Moore, LMT, is a master bodyworker and instructor. When she’s not training the next generation of bodyworkers, she is booked solid a month in advance at Back to Life Wellness Center in Alameda, California.

She is a passionate high-energy Reposturing practitioner and massage therapist.  Ann has 23 years of experience providing hands-on treatment, and is specifically trained to treat acute and chronic pain and release tension patterns created by use, time, and gravity. She has an impressive success rate of over 95%.

She teaches her popular Therapeutic Posture Stretch workshops in California, but has teamed up with Michelle Joyce to bring her amazing method to Oregon for just one day!

You can learn more about Ann at http://www.posturewithann.com/

Michelle Joyce, MS


Michelle Joyce M.S. is a certified Posturist and Ergonomist, with a rich background in helping people to achieve good health. She was a professional dancer for 15 years, but her terrible back pain began to interfere with her career. After trying every imaginable remedy, she finally discovered Posture Therapy and has since devoted herself to spreading the word about the health benefits of healthy posture. She is the creator of the 30 Day Posture Makeover and is a regular guest on several morning talk shows.

Michelle’s unique approach addresses the emotional aspects of posture, and believes that stress and unhealthy posture are strongly connected. She uses her Master’s in Counseling to help clients break old habits and create sustainable new ones.

Learn more about Michelle at http://posturemakeover.com/